Before anyone asks, yes I did sit through the entirety of the seven videos. And yes, I did feel like killing myself at several points throughout. Even if you completely ignore the cause for which Wendy Wright is arguing, and instead just focus on her horrific debating skills, it is enough to turn even the hardest stomach… I don’t want to spend my entire night pointing out every flaw in her logic, which is something I could easily do, because there are so many examples. But one flaw I will point out is this: how useful or how horrific an idea is, has absolutely nothing to do with its truthfulness. As Dawkins mentioned multiple times, Darwinism/natural selection is a truly horrific idea, but that does not negate its truthfulness. In the same vein, just because creationism creates more moral or more perfect societies (an idea I wholeheartedly disagree with), does not make it true.