I’ve written about the power of diversity on a number of occasions. Here, for example, I argued for increased immigration, as cross-pollinating cultures has historically proven to be a driver of dynamism. And here I argued for individuals to expose themselves to a wide variety of ideas, as this increases your ability to connect and remix your way to something new.

Put simply, when you’re trying to create something, diversity is an unbelievable boon. In all it’s forms — diversity of thought, gender, race, experience, history, age etc. etc.

It’s such an easy win.

But only 24% of Australian startup founders are female.

It’s unbelievable that a segment as ambitious, dynamic and creative as startups has such a gigantic gender imbalance. But what if we flipped this? What would an industry full of women do? What businesses would they create? What problems would they solve?

On the latest episode of Think Digital Futures I went into a womens-only hackathon to have a look:


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