For the past couple of weeks, and probably for a few more, I’ve been looking at Palliative Care in Australia. It’s a topic we rarely talk about – still considered a bit much for the dinner table. But as Australia, along with most of it’s peers, gets older, Palliative Care is getting more and more important. As more of us need it, the price will go up. And, quite possibly, the standards will go down. Frankly, it’s something we need to start talking about.

To begin my investigations, to get a baseline, I had a chat with Dr Jane Philips, Director of the Centre for Cardiovascular and Chronic care at the University of Technology, Sydney:



In the next couple of weeks I’ll post a few more of my interviews. Ones conducted on the subject of “home”, and comparisons between different systems within Australia.


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(images: Jule67 on Flickr)