Ello! My name is Josh and I looove stories. I have always loved them. My Grandpa’s anecdotes, books and newspapers, movies and television, and even radio. Even Radio! I am almost always ready to be whisked away, enveloped by a good story or a new tidbit. At some point – and I’m not sure when – this love for stories became a love of telling them.

This blog was my first outlet for expressing myself. I would rant and rave about the state of politics or the roads in Sri Lanka. But I have evolved. First, I got a stint at the Sri Lankan Daily Financial Times, and worked on a few radio shows in Australia (including executive producing The Wire).  Lately, I have begun to experiment with photography and digital painting, am working on a podcast.

“What stories do you tell?” I can see you thinking. Well, there is a lot to choose from. I grew up torn between Sri Lanka and Australia, studied International Relations and Economics in Sydney and Hamburg, never lost that child-like wonder to discover, and am a total travel fiend. So I have all that to go on. But perhaps the most illustrative moments in my life are when my family would sit down to a beautiful meal at a restaurant, and promptly ignore the food and start analysing the restaurant as a business.

It’s not surprising then, that my curiosity is now turned towards the finance game. Why is New Zealand ranked second in the Ease of Doing Business Rankings? Why does an app developer in Hobart eschew the big money in Silicon Valley to stay in Australia? How can capitalism become more responsible in the face of tax inversion, Climate Change, and it’s many other challengers? These are the questions I want to answer, and amongst the topics you will find on this blog. Most of the posts will be ideas spun off books and articles that catch my attention, as well as my own work. Do stick around and see.