After repeated attempts to secure a foothold in America, the Doha based (and Qatari Government owned) Al Jazeera has acquired the  struggling US cable news network Current TV. While this has caused an uproar in the US, with some cable networks saying they will still refuse to carry the new Al Jazeera America, on the whole I think it will be a plus for the US media environment.

For a long time the US media has kept the rest of the world at arms length, treating the rest of the world as a side show even while it has a profound effect on it. But with the arrival of Al Jazeera the world has come to America. The mountain has come to Muhammed as it were.  Of course Al Jazeera comes with a certain viewpoint and agenda, but so do all media outlets. They key point is that finally a quality, non-anglo news source has arrived on American shores, hopefully for good.