So, it's time again to get our weekly Earthrise fix:



Some thoughts:

  • The first line of the show attributes three million deaths a year to air pollution. This is a point I come back to quite often; whether climate change is reality or not, there are real and current costs to excessive pollution – measured in lives as well as dollars. Whether climate change is real or not, we need to tackle industries and practices that wantonly pollute. The climate change “debate” is an irrelevant sideshow. There are other threats, arguments and facts on which we can act.
  • Something that repeatedly occurs to me as I watch this series is that “specialisation”, especially when it comes to areas like farming, is not necessarily the most efficient method of production. Things like parallel planting and working with the natural world (in this case beavers) can produce a higher net profit (not necessarily a higher agricultural yield), despite the reduction in the main cash crop. We have to stop working against nature, especially when it offers so much that can make our lives easier.
  • As companies continue to make goods designed to break, designed to be irreparable (see anything designed by Apple, especially those with unibody designs), and designed to be obsolete (again, see Apple); and as we become less and less useful with our hands (how many of you know how to pop the bonnet on your car?), I am afraid services like the Repair Cafe will become increasingly necessary. Hopefully a counter culture can be created to reverse this trend.


Probably aren't many episodes left in the series. Then I will be back to watching reruns for another year…