So, another excellent episode of Al Jazeera Earthrise:



Some thoughts:

I have really never understood why, and have been quite vocal about, people spending so much on elaborate coffins and funerals. But I have always looked at it from a cost perspective (I have promised to haunt family/friends that waste money on my funeral), not an environmental one. So the first part of this episode was a real eye opener to me. When you really think about it, it is ridiculous how polluting we are even in death. Why do we embalm bodies? Why do we send people off in luxury containers? Why do we surround bodies in metal and concrete? Is that really necessary? Shouldn't this have been left behind with the ancient Egyptians? And why do we try to rob the environment of our nutrients? I actually find it beautiful that you can put the energy stored in your body, back into nature. The circle of life.

The fact that agricultural run-off is fomenting the explosion of the Crown of Thorns Starfish, which is in turn decimating the Great Barrier Reef and associated industries, is a great example of the subtle ways seemingly innocuous industry byproducts can have drastic impacts. We are just now starting to price carbon, which is another good example. But if we want a healthier environment, let alone a healthier population, we need to make every industry realise the full costs of their actions.