According to a piece in “The Island” newspaper, a Sri Lankan publication, America was the only country to vote against the UN Human Rights Council Investigation into Israeli Settlement building in the West Bank. Yet only last week America was spearheading the UN Human Rights Council decision against Sri Lanka. Hypocrisy much?

I don’t begrudge America’s actions to bring more transparency to the end of Sri Lanka’s civil war. America is a big trading partner and has invested significant amounts of resources and aid in Sri Lanka. They have every right for more transparency. But then how can they turn around and in a matter of days be the only country to vote against a similar measure?

We need transparency in Israel too. If Israel has nothing to hide then let them open up their borders to the outside world, and let them be judged along the same lines as Sri Lanka. If they do have something to hide, then America should not be helping them any way.

At least China and Russia vote consistently on issues like this. They do not want foreign involvement in their affairs, of the affairs of their friends, so they always vote against it. America’s morals on the other hand change with the situation: Israel can do whatever the hell they want, while everyone else must be held to a higher standard. America needs to stop being two faced.