Back to regular programming:

So the Australian election is over, and there are no big assignments or tests looming on my horizon, so this blog will return to normal over the coming weeks. I have not posted about any books in a while, and have neglected the upcoming elections in Germany and Sri Lanka. I have also withheld my outrage and conspiracy theories concerning the latest NSA news, and held my trap about the shenanigans in/over Syria. Please bear with me. This will be all be rectified shortly.


Big changes afoot:

There have been some changes in the past few weeks. I am in the process of consolidating my websites into this one blog. Sakalabujan has been effectively shuttered and the few relevant posts copied over. The content of my Photoblog has also been copied over, as I consider it's future (the photoblog is still live for now). Several other, less formed, sites have also vanished. This should result in more, more regular, and more diverse content popping up on this blog. That is the theory anyway.

The other big change is the title. This blog has been called “musings” for as long as I can remember. But the nature of my posts have changed significantly in the past few years. I rant a lot more. I repost content I find on other websites, I post longer cuts of interviews I do for the radio, and I am looking to post some of my photography and longer essays. In short, “musing” is not all that I do here. Unfortunately, some American political scientists had already absconded with my favourite HL Mencken quote, so I have settled on the title “Superflous Man” instead. While the Superfluous Man character may not quite describe me accurately (or maybe it does, I am available for that argument), I believe it is an apt representation of what I do here.


That is all.