Over the past weeks, Australian Muslims have received more than their fair share of scrutiny and vitriol. On television, on radio and in the newspapers, the entire community is under the microscope. Reporters have been sent out to do hit pieces and scare stories, columnists demand the “moderates” condemn the extremists for the umpteenth time, and Mosques were vandalised. The othering has been cranked up to eleven.

It became a bit more official last week, as some Australian Parliamentarians debated banning the Burqa, demanded proponents of Sharia leave the country, and generally did their best to ostracise the Muslim community. The media piled on, quick to tie these debates to new “Anti-terror” laws, the conflict in Iraq and Syria, and raids around the country.

But there is one voice we very rarely hear. Lost amid the crossfire of Male Muslims, Shock Jocks, Politicians, and Non Muslims, where are the Women who actually wear the Burqa, the Niqab or the Hijab? In an extended piece I made for The Wire this week, I spoke to three Women (including my Aunty) about why Muslim Women choose to wear the Hijab:

(Image: Nur Amirah/Flickr)

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