This year I have often made the comment that the United States does not deserve it's position at the centre of the universe. It does not deserve its undue influence in the economic or political area. Why? Because it is simply incapable of fulfilling the role. It proved this during the debacle at the 2012 Debt Ceiling negotiation, and it proved this during the negotiation over the so-called “fiscal cliff”. Despite Obama being reinstated as the “Leader of the free world”, how often was the rest of the world mentioned, or thought about during these discussions? Why were we no more than a talking point?

If drunk American tourists, Fox News personalities and American politicians want to keep touting their exceptionalism and importance on the world stage, they need to start living up to the job. That means not shooting the world's economy in the foot merely to secure the White House in 2016. That means not shooting the world's economy in the foot over the debt ceiling, merely to secure success in the 2014 mid term elections. That means not using the World merely as a prop or as an appendage to a self-aggrandizing and self-apportioned title. That means doing something more meaningful than extending this crisis yet again. It means doing the tough things. In short, it requires leadership.

Contemporary Americans may have been born into their position as the centre of the galaxy, but it is not a God given right. If America wants to keep its position, it has to do something to deserve it.