diamondsareforeverLike many, I recently saw the latest James Bond movie Skyfall. However, seemingly unlike many, I did not like the movie at all (too much drama, not enough explosions). So I decided to go back to reading the originals, the books written by Ian Fleming. Continuing the series chronology (by publication date), this time I read the fourth book written by Fleming: Diamonds are Forever. A book that lives up to its predecessors.

Unlike the movie version of Diamonds are Forever, which has a ridiculous plot of Bond’s arch-nemesis Blofeld trying to stockpile diamonds in order to build a giant laser, the book has a rather banal story. It is essentially a detective story; Bond is trying to track down and stop the leaders of a diamond smuggling operation who are thought to be American mobsters. There are no hackneyed criminal master minds or lasers and Bond isn’t trying to save the world. It is a rather run-of-the-mil quest to safeguard the diamond monopoly of mother England.

That being said, the action isn’t run of the mill. Like all the Bond books I have read so far, it is a bloody good read. As usual some of the gambling scenes are a bit hard to follow (you probably have to be a gambler to understand), and some of the language and stereotypes betray the book’s age, but it is by no means boring. While not exactly a book that I couldn’t put down, it was gripping enough that I demolished it in two days. Much recommended, but I suggest that you read the earlier books first.


Title: Diamonds are Forever

Author: Ian Fleming

Pages: 245 (Paperback)

Publisher: Thomas & Mercer

ISBN-10: 1612185460

ISBN-13: 978-1612185460

Josh’s Rating: 4/5

Amazon Link: Diamonds are Forever