I had been itching to read the book “Jumper” by Steven Gould ever since I saw the movie. Unlike many other people, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, as I found the idea incredible, and extremely fascinating (although, granted, I could have done without Hayden Christensen hamming it up).  As hoped, the book did not disappoint me in the slightest. It completely blew me (and the movie) away.

Jumper is a story about a severely abused and neglected teenager named David Rice who develops the ability to teleport. He first uses his powers to escape an attempted rape, and then to escape his old life completely. The story then follows his adventures as he discovers the extent of his powers, uses them for good and bad, chases a girl, attempts to reconnect his family, evades the authorities and seeks retribution, all while dealing with his unfortunate past. A truly gripping tale.

As someone who has started his fair share of novels/short stories, and is currently working on another (key word: started), the aspect of this story that really grabbed my attention was the idea behind it. An idea as simple as teleportation, yet, done so well and done so real. Gould has managed to bring that “Christopher Nolan” essence to the idea of a teleporting teleporting. He has somehow made it accessible, perfectly reasonable, and, most of all, powerful. I found myself thinking and reflecting on my own life as Rice did his. I gained new appreciation for my family and friends, and I thanked God I never had to run away.

This book may be filed under “teen” or “young adult” fiction, but it truly isn’t. Unlike the movie, the book is very complex, and deals with many real life and important issues, all on a backdrop of someone with the power to escape them. I am generally not someone capable of personal growth, yet this book somehow managed it. It is an incredible idea that has been delivered effectively; I would recommend this to anyone, young and old. Four stars.

Author: Steven Gould

Pages:  352 (Paperback)

Publisher: HarperCollins, Harper Voyager

ISBN – 10: 0765342286

ISBN – 13: 978-0765342287

Amazon Price (Paperback):  $7.99 (AUD)

Josh’s Rating: 4/5