Herman Cain recently did a press conference hoping to explain away his Libya Gaff. However his grand explanation answers nothing. In fact it leads to more questions.Herman Cain (as seen in the video posted below) loves to claim that he is slow to answer questions, or does not answer questions, because he likes to have all the facts in order and fully understand the question etc. before he answers. On the face of it, this is a very reasonable position. However it does not explain what happened with his interview at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. If Cain was unsure about what exactly the interviewer was asking, why did he not ask for a clarification? Why did he not begin to answer the question and leave it to the interviewer to correct him if he was wrong? Why did he pause for so long? Why did he not look quizzically at the interviewer?

 In the real world if people genuinely know the answer and are just stumped by the vagary of the question then they will do all this and more. Instead Herman Cain acted very much like someone sitting at the back of an exam trying to pull something out of his ass. Furthermore, Cain hardly has a reputation to make us believe that this is an isolated incident or to give him any benefit of the doubt at all. Any slack he could have been cut died at Uzbeki-beki-bekhi-bekhi-stan-stan.