There are more than 50 registered political parties here in Australia, but most of them get next to no attention from the media. This being an election year I decided to interview as many of them as I could, and try to bring to light their (often unique) perspectives, ideas and proposals. A couple of weeks ago the Community Radio Network aired 13 of my interviews as two specials, but I have decided to cut up the interviews and release them here on my blog as well.

First up I have an interview with the founder and president of Rise Up Australia, Daniel Nalliah. Rise Up is a fairly new party, but one that unashamedly touts itself as against multiculturalism. Mr Nalliah is Christian Minister, and is probably most famous for successfully defending himself against a charge of religious vilification brought by the Islamic Council of Victoria. The slogan of Rise Up is to “Keep Australia, Australian”. The main crux of our interview was what exactly Nalliah and Rise Up mean by that slogan, and what their definition of “Australian Culture” is. Here is the interview:



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