Anand Giridharadas at the International Herald Tribune has an interesting take on Sarah Palin’s recent speech at a Tea Party event in Iowa last week. He theorizes that Palin’s freewheeling attack on both the left and right as well as the entire U.S. political establishment symbolizes a new political alignment, one with local interests rather than the political right. However, I believe he is giving Palin too much credit.

No politician on the planet writes their own speeches or entirely creates their own policies, and Sarah Palin is not the average politician. Sarah Palin has made a career and a fortune off partisan hackery. Palin was famously stumped by the ultimate “gotcha” question: “what do you read?”. She recently suggested eliminating all federal corporates income taxes and made the mother of all gaffs with her laughable Paul Revere spiel. She routinely out conservatives nearly everyone on Fox, including Sean Hannity. And she is as adept at using the word “liberal” or “the left” as insults as anyone in the game. She is the queen of the right, and works very hard to make all of us remember this. In other words, would she or could she think of this?

It is an interesting theory that “Sarah Palin” has put forward. It is one full of nuance and quite clearly cuts down the ideological line. It is one which could potentially foster a new method of thinking for the political minded in the U.S. But does anyone except Anand Giridharadas believe that Sarah Palin came up with this idea? The idea that Palin had the time, inkling, intelligence or wherewithall to come up with these proposals defies belief. Furthermore, this call to reason and addressing of real issues is just not Sarah Palin’s style. She is more apt to utilize “down home” anecdotes or country charm. Sarah Palin plays on emotion, not reality.

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10 Sep 2011

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