West Africa’s Ebola outbreak is getting scarier and scarier. Not least because the death count is staggering – now over 4,000 – and the disease is looking less “contained” in West Africa by the day. But what can be done? What is being done?

A couple of weeks ago I interviewed Dr Adam Kamradt-Scott for The Wire. An expert in bio security, Dr Kamradt-Scott lamented Australia’s lack of involvement in West Africa, especially juxtaposed with our guns blazing attitude in the Middle East. In the weeks since our interview, hundreds of millions of dollars have been committed, and thousands of troops and medical personnel have been pledged, by countries ranging from Cuba to the United States. But what does it look like when helicopters, hospitals and thousands of personnel roll into Ebola ridden areas? What are all these people doing? I called Dr Kamradt-Scott again, to ask what the fight looks like:



(Image: NIAID/Flickr)

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