As I’ve mentioned previously, I have recently been investigating Australia’s nascent Knowledge Economy. This new industry is one unlike anything we have ever seen before; not only are marginal costs effectively zero, but there is very little connecting producers and consumers. You can be an app maker anywhere in the world and sell it to an Australian, and an Australian app maker can likewise count on a global marketplace.

It’s in this vein that I decided to visit a co-working space. Multiple companies and sole traders all congregating in a single workspace is a concept that is rapidly gaining ground. Especially amongst tech startups, who often start up lean, never need much of a work force, or rely on “distributed” teams – hiring people to work by themselves all around the world.

The Co-Working space that opened their doors to me is one on the Gold Coast called Co Spaces. Here is an interview I had with their spectacular community manager Edrienne, about co working and the future of offices:



And here is audio from the tour she took me on:



Can’t see the audio player? You can take a listen at Soundcloud


(images:Co Spaces)