Just finished my last Uni exam of the year, and a thought has struck me; why do we hand write exams?

On the front cover of the exam booklets there is a just sign telling us that papers with illegible handwriting will not be marked. But in this age how is that fair? How often do we really spend writing continuously for hours on end? In every lecture, in every tutorial, everyone is sitting behind laptops. When you go into the University library, everyone is sitting with a laptop. All my notes were written on a laptop, and all my essays were too. Apart from some scribbling when I can’t be assed pulling out my laptop, I rarely bother writing things out by hand. Under no circumstances do I write continuously for hours on end.

So, when I finally do have to write for hours on end, such as during an exam, my handwriting becomes messy. My hand cramps. Handwriting is slow, so I try and write fast. I also just have naturally shitting handwriting, and I am not alone.

So maybe we need to come up with a better system than this. Yes, we all have to write things out now and again, but very few people write as much as is expected during a three hour exam. We are all out of practice, and it should hardly be the thing that decides someones grades. Not in this century.