I only just finished the book “Jumper” by Steven Gould a short time ago, and I enjoyed it so much that I immediately wanted to re-immerse myself in Gould’s world. However, this second part of the story about Davy Rice is missing the spark the first one contained.

Reflex’s predecessor, Jumper, completely raptured me largely because of the amazing idea behind the story: a protagonist who could teleport. However, it was also thoroughly well executed. The story was was gripping, it had suspense, and, most importantly, it was fast and free flowing. Jumper was a thriller part heist and part spy. It had emotion. It had psychology. It was the sort of book you had trouble putting down. It was what Christopher Nolan would have done with such a genre.

On the other hand, Reflex can best be described as the novel version of a “bottle episode”. While its predecessor was a fast paced heist and spy thriller, Reflex is largely a jail break/kidnapping story. But a jail break story without the thrill of watching the protagonists create and execute/fail at a daring escape attempt. To put it another way, if Reflex was the movie “The Great Escape”, the entire three hours would have been spent watching Steve McQueen in solitary, repeatedly bouncing the baseball against the wall. Most of the action is psychological, as the protagonist and his wife sustain harm and subtly fight back. Fine for Psychology Majors maybe, but hardly what I would call engrossing storytelling.

Unlike its predecessor, I could not recommend this book to anybody. It is frankly quite boring and tedious, it could easily have been written in half the pages, which would both have been kinder to the environment, as well as to my patience. If you are reading this review, I greatly urge you to move on.

Author: Steven Gould

Pages:  352 (Paperback)

Publisher: Tor Science Fiction

ISBN – 10: 0812578546

ISBN – 13: 978-0812578546

Amazon (Paperback):  $7.99 (AUD)

Josh’s Rating: 2/5