The Holocaust Memorial, otherwise known as the “Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe”, is an impressive site located right near the Brandenburg Gate and the new Reichstag. Unfortunately, it’s location means that it is often crawling with kids and irreverent tourists, who sit and stand on the blocks designed to convey the individuality of both the victims, as well as the horrible crime committed against them.

As a result, it is too easy to remain outside the structure. To look upon the memorial with interest, but still remain detached from it’s power and message. I myself passed the Memorial a number of times while walking around Berlin in the past two weeks. On my lastest go round, I decided to walk in. It is truly breathtaking.


The memorial from the outside, looking towards the East.


Hide and go seek?


At some points I am barely half the height of the blocks.


I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. But there is a power to this memorial. Walking in is almost like walking into the sea. The blocks are deceptively small at the beginning, but before you know it you are fully submerged. Horrible grey edifices looming above you. Surrounding you.