I am an only child and have an extraordinarily doting mother. She reads much of what I write, and camps out in her car to listen to me on the radio. But there are some things mothers shouldn’t hear or read. How can you be free when you know you have such an audience?

I have been reading the Song of Ice and Fire series lately, and have been shocked at how explicit the series is. I have long wanted to be an author, and have made a decent attempt at a few books. I look up to, admire, and long for the freedom that Martin seems to enjoy.

I am currently hatching a new story, which I hope to write over the next year. But, knowing that my mother will undoubtedly read my work (heaven help anyone that tries to stop her), how can I possibly hope to write that freely? How can I contemplate the same freedom that characterises George R. R. Martin’s work? How can anyone?