The United Nations have conceded what activists and aid groups have long been claiming: the death toll in Syria is over 100,000. But a far larger number is the amount of refugees created by the conflict.

According to data from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees there are more than 500,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan, 100,000 in Egypt, 160,000 in Iraq, almost 650,000 in Lebanon, and almost 430,000 in Turkey (and the estimates produced by these individual countries are much higher). Altogether the UN recognised total of Syrian refugees is fast approaching 2 million, with around half being children, and resources for helping them are stretching thin.

The UN and a number of other organisations are attempting to raise $4 Billion USD this year to assist those affected. Here are some (but not all) of the ways you can help:


AusAid today announced another $21 million for those affected by the situation in Syria, bringing Australia's total contribution to $100 million since 2011. But this is a drop in the bucket. One of the biggest things we all can do is lobby our governments to do more.