Two sources that I admire very much – David Frum of the Daily Beast, and The Economist Magazine – have come out with their endorsements for the US Presidential Election. It is probably no surprise that I would like Obama to win, mostly because I believe he had very little impact (positively or negatively) on the economy and a positive impact on America’s foreign policy and standing in the world. But, these two endorsements have diverged dramatically. David Frum, former speechwriter for George W. Bush, has surprised me by backing Romney. He seems to think a Romney Presidency would be able to make the radical elements in the Republican Party see sense, and work with them in a way Obama has not been able to. The Economist have come out (again) in favour of Obama, but narrowly. The Economist seems to mirror my position on Obama’s successful foreign policies.

If you want to see/read the edorsements, they can be found here:

David Frum

The Economist