Facebook’s shameless revenue seeking is starting to get a bit on my nerves, as is the constant barrage of information about what they do with my information. So, this morning I decided to remove as much of my information from Facebook as I can. I have I unliked everything, am slowly deleting my pictures, and will eventually get to all my other information. But how much good will it do?

The advertisements served on my Facebook obviously have some correlation to the information I give Facebook. I noticed that once I started getting adds for cheap flights to Sri Lanka after I liked the Sri Lankan Cricket teams page. The adds also seem to be influenced by where I log on from, like when I was on exchange in Germany. But now that I have removed as much information as I can, will the ads change? Has Facebook removed the information that I thought I removed? Somehow I doubt it. I get the feeling that the information stopped being mine the moment I signed up.