So, I’m not much of a science buff, and I have not learned enough about the issue to take a stand on the whole “Global Warming/Climate Change” debate. However, I do find some of the attacks by Global Warming/Climate Change sceptics against its proponents a tad ridiculous. So, I just thought I would quote something I just read in a special report by The Economist on the Arctic:

“…since the 1970s the sea ice has retreated by around 12% each decade. Last year the summer minimum was 4.33 square KM (1.67 square miles) – almost half the average for the 1960s.

The Arctic’s glaciers, including those of Greenland’s vast ice cap, are retreating. The land is thawing: the area covered by snow in June is roughly a fifth less than in the 1960s. The permafrost is shrinking. Alien plants, birds, fish and animals are creeping north: Atlantic mackerel, haddock and cod are coming up in Arctic nets. Some Arctic species will probably die out.

Perhaps not since the 19th-century clearance of America’s forests has the world seen such a spectacular environmental change. It is a stunning illustration of global warming, the cause of the melt. It also contains grave warnings of its dangers. The world would be mad to ignore them.”

Now, The Economist is the last newspaper/magazine that could be accused of a left wing agenda. The reason I love it so very much is how much effort they put in to being non-partisan. But, in this case, the editorial board obviously is taking the stance that Global Warming/Climate Change is happening, at least in the Arctic. Global warming/Climate Change scepticism may be a valid stance, but some of its more vocal proponents really need to tone down the rhetoric and read this article.