My mobile phone contract finishes on the 28th of this month. However, as I have always received horrible service from my current telco, as well as an abhorrent selection of phones, I decided to begin my new contract last month with a different provider. But due to what can only be described as karma, my current telco is making me jump through a bunch of hoops just to let my contract expire.

Apparently contracts will go on forever unless I opt out. However, I have to opt out on the day it runs out, for some reason I cannot pre plan it’s demise. If I tried to cancel my contract now, with little more than two weeks left, I would have to pay the full cancellation fee. Furthermore, there is no way to tell them beforehand that I do not want to renew, apparently they have never heard of post it notes. To add insult to injury, if i were to forget to call up on the day (or suffer some other misadventure), I have to pay for the full month.

I cannot tell them I don’t want to renew, I cannot opt out early, and I get penalised for forgetting. Quite a nice situation to be in when you have memory problems. Now I remember why I’m changing service providers.