Being Vegetarian is hard. I happen to have forgotten lunch today, and am unsure exactly where to find some lunch near the radio station. But it is days like these that remind me why I am a vegetarian too.

Yesterday Four Corners, an Australian current affairs show, released footage of a mass cull of Australian Lamb in Pakistan. The footage was brutal. There were untrained people sawing at lambs necks with dull blades, lamb being thrown into pits while still alive, and blood bubbling up from the ground once the pits were bulldozed over. The pictures were so horrific that other media outlets have picked up the story, and the Australian government has become involved.

But I have to wonder, is this scene really that much worse than what we would find in the “humane” abattoirs? Is this scene really so out of the ordinary, or is it just different because where our meat comes from is finally on TV? A quick glimpse at YouTube channels like “Animal Equality” will probably give you the answer.