The American Left have been going nuts this election cycle over the issue of Abortion and rape. Or, rather, the Republicans have been tearing themselves apart over the issues of Abortion and rape. Narry a week goes by without some bumbling fool of a Republican Candidate making an idiotic comment on the issue of Women’s reproductive health. The latest scandal being the “stupid” comment made by Richard Mourdock. For those who don’t know, in a recent debate, Mourdock said that pregnancy as a result of rape is part of God’s plan. The Left exploded. But, hey, provided you accept some of his assumptions, maybe he isn’t wrong.

According to these same clowns, humans are intelligently designed by an intelligent designer. This intelligent designer has designed other animals (such as some ducks) to be able to fight off rape, or to be able to escape unwanted intercourse without the risk of pregnancy. Assuming this designer exists, was intelligent, and there was a method in this madness, there must be some reason that some animals were designed to escape rape without pregnancy while human females were not. So, maybe it is God’s plan.