Like many people today, I awoke to find newspapers and news programs brimming with information and questions concerning the assassination of Anwar Al Awlaki. The assassination of Al Awlaki came under similar circumstances to that of Osama Bin Ladin – without buildup or warning. This has led to the return of the conspiracy theories regarding whether he was actually killed or whether this was an attempt to gain good press coverage/cover a kidnapping. But simple application of common sense and reasoning can quite easily poke holes in their ridiculous theories.

The answer to these conspiracy theories generally comes in two categories: it is too dangerous to fake someones death when you do not have them in custody, and if you are kidnapping someone who is in hiding/out of touch with the press why would you draw attention to it with a massive coverup? Just as was with the case with Osama Bin Ladin, there are already questions regarding whether Anwar Al Awlaki was actually killed. However if thought through, there is no way that President Obama would risk the massive loss of face (both to himself as well as the U.S.A) that would come with Awlaki posting a video online a few days after he was allegedly killed. No amount of short term preferential press coverage or increased poll numbers would make up for such a public relations disaster. Furthermore, if the United States had simply kidnapped Al Awlaki in order to question him or simply take him out of circulation, it would be so much of a public relations achievement that it would undoubtedly be made public. If however the United States had kidnapped Al Awlaki and wanted to keep him secretly as a prisoner why would they make such a spectacular announcement that he is dead? By bringing this to the worlds attention they have brought the story up for much scrutiny, whereas such an obscure figure simply disappearing would have gone relatively unnoticed by the world at large (at least for a while, until his few followers and some good journalists eventually brought it to the worlds attention).

In short, when common sense is applied to this situation, the idea that Al Awlaki actually is dead makes much more sense than some obscure cover up or conspiracy theory. What everyone should be concerned with is how killing a U.S. citizen (who was not at the time directly endangering anyone’s life) without a trial can be justified.

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