With the launch of my new online magazine Sakalabujan a couple of months ago, this site lost its way a bit. I was simulcasting a bit of the content between the two, but mostly I was just ignoring this one. However, today marks a new chapter in the site’s history. This morning we passed 10,000 views, there is a new design, and there is now a new format. From now on, as well as simulcasting the longer articles I write for Sakalabujan, I will now be posting shorter posts. Similar to a normal blog, a style I shunned for so long. I expect many of the posts will be similar to this one, written on my phone as I wait for the kettle to boil. The subject matter will be similar, mostly me bitching about political matters, but the posts will be shorter and less formal. Somewhere between Twitter and a traditional column.

I look forward to this new phase, and hope you will all enjoy the ride.