For a long while now I have started my day by watching “First Edition” on Sky News. I have access to about 7 different news channels (not to mention what I can stream online), but I liked the idea of a punchy 10-15 minute news bulletin to start my day. Well, I can’t stand it any more.

You see, when you only have 15 minutes to cover news from Australia and around the world, it is kind of hard to justify blowing five minutes of that EVERY DAMN MORNING on Prince Charles. Let alone make Prince Charles the top story EVERY DAMN MORNING. It is hard to justify spending so much time watching footage of him descending aeroplane steps, lamenting that he had to hold an umbrella, or giving him a dedicated reporter. It is especially hard when it requires ignoring or squeezing important news stories like the civil war in Syria, or the vast numbers of Asylum Seekers that came to Australia in the past few weeks (I had to find out about that on Twitter). Enough. I would rather not watch the news than waste any more of my life watching Prince Charles’s vacation snaps courtesy of a “news” organisation.