I have made this point before, but as America is about to go through another fabulous general election, I think it’s probably apt to make this point again. America’s second amendment makes no sense in the modern world.

Granted, I have never been to/lived in America. However, I have watched more than enough American TV, and read enough American newspapers and magazines, to be aware of the gun debate. Proponents of American gun laws seem to take a two-fold approach to defending the right to own guns: protection from the state, and protection from criminals. I am not really interested in the protection from criminal’s debate. There are now so many guns in America that it would be impossible to extricate them, and there is some validity to the idea that ordinary citizens should be allowed to carry guns, as criminals most certainly would. However, the idea that guns can protect the citizenry from the oppression of the government is completely ridiculous.

One only has to look at the Arab revolutions over the past few years to see what happens when an “armed” or “semi-armed” citizenry try to take on a modern government. Bloodshed. We no longer live in the 1800s. Muskets and barely portable canons are no longer the cutting edge of military technology. Governments now have access to military hardware that America’s founding fathers would never have dreamed of, and to be honest, some stuff many of us would never have dreamed of. They have tanks, they have aircraft, they have UAV’s, they have bombs, they have landmines, they have machine guns, they have body armour, they have armour piercing bullets, they have bunker busters, they have poisonous gases, they have smart missiles, they have methods of completely shutting down communications, they have submarines, they have aircraft carriers, and they have highly trained personnel to use all of this equipment. But what’s more, they have many lethal weapons that require no personnel at all. Soon, the President of the United States will be able to blow up all his citizens using nothing more than a PS2 remote. What the hell is a shotgun or a pistol going to do against any of this?

Americans need to drop this fallacy that a “well regulated militia” could make even a dent in the side of a modern government, let alone the US government. No sane American I know contemplates making anti-aircraft guns, machine guns, landmines, tanks or even military aircraft legal for the general public. Yet these are precisely the weapons one would need to take on a modern government. The squabbles in America are over the legalization of handguns, shotguns and rifles, the type of guns that would make precisely no difference in a fight against the US government. The idea that these puny guns are protecting anyone from the government is ridiculous. Normal guns are useless in the modern world.