In the past couple of months, “Meet the Press” has played host to a number of sitting governors and politicians acting as surrogates for both the Obama and Romney presidential campaigns. As you would expect, both sides wish to highlight the lack of jobs created under the tenures of their opponents; the Romney campaign points to the dismal recovery under Obama’s watch, and the Obama campaign points to the fact that Massachusetts was fiftysomethingth in job creation under Romney’s watch. But this begs the question; how can the President and the Governors BOTH be responsible for job creation/lack of job creation?

If past governors like Mitt Romney, and current governors like John Kasich wish to claim credit for creating jobs in their states, then we must reason that at least some portion of “job creation” is outside the control of the president. If this is so, how can Obama be held completely responsible for the lack of job creation during his tenure? The sitting governors must share at least part of the responsibility. After all, if the power is shared, so must the responsibility.

At the same time, if Romney wishes to claim that the President is responsible for job creation, at least some of the credit and blame for what happened under his tenure must be shared with the president presiding at that time (who, I believe was named George W. Bush).  Again, if the power is shared, so must the responsibility.

And this is before we even extend the responsibility to legislatures, judiciaries, and other relevant powers. It seems a tad ridiculous that both parties are simultaneous heaping blame and taking credit for something that is affected by such a wide spectrum of people and powers. It is not possible for both Obama and Romney to be simultaneously completely responsible for their job creation numbers.