While the Western World are bombarded with the images of democracy protests in Hong Kong, many Chinese have no idea anything is afoot. And this is not just the fault of a cowed domestic media. Even international publications, who are trusted by the Chinese audience to be impartial, and are gleefully reaping the ratings bonanza in their home markets, aren’t passing on the news to their Chinese consumers.

Of course, we have known for a long time that companies like Bing and Bloomberg have been censoring their content. But it was all made a bit more obvious in an article by the Chinese dissident group Great Fire. In side by side comparisons of the Wall Street Journal and Reuters websites, Great Fire pointed out the complete absence of any coverage of the Hong Kong protests in the Chinese editions. They claim the sole reason is business – that these companies are placing Chinese revenue over their journalistic values. In a piece for The Wire this week I talked to Great Fire contributor who goes by the pseudonym of Percy Alpha. Here is an extended cut:



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