In keeping with yesterdays theme of Sri Lankan road rules, today I shall be having a little bitch about the Sri Lankan seat belt laws. A little while ago the police warned me for not wearing my seat belt while in my Grandpa’s car. Normally I automatically put my seat belt on, I’m not sure why I didn’t and it was a stupid thing to do, but that isn’t the issue.

I don’t understand how a country that allows widespread use “bajaj’s, vehicles with only three wheels, no doors and a cloth roof, could possibly get uppity about someone not wearing a seat belt in a car. Especially since your average bajaj driver is insane, only surpassed by the lunatics who willingly enter their vehicles. Surely if Sri Lanka wishes to curb their road fatalities, they should either eliminate the incredibly number of bajaj’s before they start on people in relatively safe cars. Or at the very least do them both at the same time. Only focusing on people not wearing seat belts is just ridiculous.