Content producers need to wake up to how hyper connected the world is. All the time I am reading articles on how pervasive piracy is, how much companies are losing, and how many cars Kim Dot Com has. Well, I can outline at least one reason why: people do not want to wait. When I hear my friends in other countries talking about how awesome a TV show is, I don’t want to have to wait months for it to start airing in my country, and wait weeks between episodes as the networks drag it out. I am generation Y. I am not used to waiting. Furthermore, sometimes the shows don’t even appear at all.

Much of the blame falls on the blasted contracts that mean shows have to play on TV before they can be downloaded, and some of it falls on plain intransigence. The big media companies have not cottoned onto the fact that people are used to getting things when they want, especially media. If it cannot be gotten through conventional means, the unconventional means will suffice. Why, when it is so easy to stream online, would anyone bother to wait?

If content producers and providers really want to stop piracy, they need to beat the pirates at their own game. Why would anyone stream a shitty copy of a TV show when they can use a site like Hulu? Why would anyone torrent a show when more places to download would mean pretty low prices?

Very few people actually want to break copyright laws. Content producers and providers need to wake up and make sure people don’t have to.