This is now the second time in as many weeks that I have looked up store listings on a company’s website, gone to the the shopping centre, and found their shop to be nonexistent. What time are we living in? Websites are now the primary method of gathering information about a company. If you don’t keep those up to date, what do you have left?

Websites are hardly difficult things to keep up to date. I do it on multiple websites, and this isn’t my full time job. Furthermore, the opening or closing of a store is hardly something done overnight. Especially so in shopping centres, which involve leases and costly remodelling. So, surely companies have adequate time and resources to keep their bloody websites up to date. Most of these big companies would have people dedicated to the job. And, they have skin in the game. When I go to a shopping centre and don’t find the shop I want, I go next door to the next shop. So, please keep your damn websites up to date.