I am not a big fan of nationalism and over the top displays of national pride. For a lot of us, myself included, our nationalities are more a matter of luck than choice. I was born in Australia, I didn’t decide to come here. I did nothing to further women’s suffrage or make australia an independent nation, I am glad it happened, but my connection to it is through my fortuitous birth in this country. But this is one day on which I am thoroughly proud of my country.

The Australian Defence Force is today marking the twentieth anniversary since the end of the ban of Gays serving openly in the military. I was too little to realise what it meant at the time, let alone partake in it. Yet I am glad my country was so forward thinking. We beat the United States, allegedly the World’s Leader, by a full 19 years. And while Obama may be about to nominate a defence secretary who would happily shove Gays back in their closet, Australia is celebrating. I love this country.