Philosopher and Gandalf wannabe, Raimond Gaita, has managed to articulate why Homosexuals strive for marriage equality.

One of Australia’s national broadcasters, the “ABC” (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), has a wonderful debate/panel/question and answer show called Q & A. I have been a bit lax in watching Q and A lately, but I did have the good fortune of tuning in for Monday’s episode. This episode revolved mainly around religious themes, and as you might expect one of the questions was concerning marriage equality. I have long searched for a way to adequately put into words why it is that homosexuals regard marriage equality as important enough to fight for. Of course there are the usual arguments that it is a quest for equality, that giving homosexuals all the rights of marriage but not calling it marriage is similar to saying you can take the bus but you have to sit at the back, and that it ensures them the same rights and privileges as married couples. But Philosopher Raimond Gaita has managed to succinctly (almost) articulate exactly why it is such a pressing issue.