I’m writing this on the eve of another Sri Lankan Road Trip. From Colombo, up through Mannar and on to Jaffna. That means for the next week or so, and beyond the pristine beaches, endless coconut trees and elephants; I’m going see dogs. Lots of dogs.


Probably not the dogs that you’re imagining. They’ll be curled up on the side of the road, alone, surviving off scraps or rubbish. Many won’t have just been abandoned, however, but also attacked. The beautiful dog that adorns this page is just one example. Her name is Crumbs, and she was not only set on fire, but stabbed. Repeatedly.


I’ve often wondered about the plight of the miserable souls I see wandering the streets of Sri Lanka. Why are there so many? Why do they look so poorly? Why do so many seem scared of them? How could someone treat the beautiful Crumbs this way? So I set out to find out what was up. And don’t worry, there are some incredible people who are working to fix the mess:



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