This is the last of my Minor Parties series, and it is possibly the most intriguing party and idea. Senator Online do not have any specific policy proposals, instead, they are championing a different form of democracy; direct democracy. Direct democracy is a system where the people propose and vote directly on bills, rather than through a representative in a representative democracy (the system we currently have). It is an idea that is increasingly feasible, as citizens become more educated, and technology allows the real time dissemination of information, communication, and voting. However, apart from some small villages and townships in Europe, direct democracy has never really caught on.

Not able to completely overhaul the system to one of direct democracy, Senator Online are attempting to do it on a smaller scale. They have setup a secure website, and are running candidates in every state. Once bills are introduced into Parliament, the party will post them – along with summaries and supplementary information- on their website. Registered members will then vote on the proposal, and a Senator Online Senator will abide by the decision of the majority. Not exactly direct democracy, but darn close. I spoke with Karel Boel from Senator Online about direct democracy, and how their system will work: