This year has already seen a number of notable internet security concerns – notably Heartbleed and Apple. This week, Microsoft has come to the table, trumpeting concerns surrounding a version of their Internet Explorer browser. Of course, in between these larger scares we have the myriad of smaller bugs – think about all the times your phone or computer begs to be updated but there are no discernable feature additions.

But how do we get to the state where millions of websites are dependent on an underfunded project for their security, and corporations are responsible for the privacy and security of products and services used by billions of users? In a piece for The Wire, I interviewed noted tech journalist Stilgherrian, about the state of internet security and some of the possibilities for it’s improvement. Here is the full interview:


(Image: Yhogesh Mhatre/Flickr)


As before, I am unable to embed audio in the email blast. You can take a listen at Soundcloud.