I have been so happy for the past 24 hours that I didn’t want to spoil the euphoria with a post. But I am coming back to reality now, so I just want to express my thanks to all the Americans who turned out on Tuesday and put President Obama back in the White House.

As a citizen of a country that would unthinkingly follow America into another idiotic war in the Middle East. As someone who might be called upon to fund, and even (however unlikely) fight another stupid war in the Middle East. As someone whose wallet has been growing steadily larger since Obama took office, and hopes it will continue. As someone who thinks what a Women does with her own body is the business of neither the government nor her boss(es). As someone who thinks Homosexuals deserve to be honoured as the valuable members of society that they are. Thank you.

Just as a side note, the world’s press would probably have looked something like this if Romney was elected: