Whoever writes the headlines over at News Ltd. is at it again today. In a similar vein to an article two days ago concerning reparations for victims of Catholic Priest paedophelia, those wonderfully neutral boys at the Australian are again attacking the Greens using misleading headlines.

The headline today reads: “Greens call for history revision”, which may sound innocuous, except that in the world of politics and religion the concept of history revisionism is a divisive issue. At first glance my outrage was immediately piqued at the idea that the Greens party were attempting to wipe out some of their many failures, or possibly sweep what good religion etc. has contributed to our society. However, in reality the Greens were simply calling for amendments to the new history curriculum to include topics concerning Aboriginals (the stolen generation etc.). As with the story of a few days ago, the aims of the Green’s is noble, and the Australian is miscontruing the truth to pursue an ideological gain.

Greens call for history revision
The Australian
23 Sep 2011

THE national history curriculum fails to adequately teach students about the Stolen Generation and should be revised before it is signed off by state and federal education ministers next month. That is the call from the Greens and the National Sorry…read more…

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