Imre Salusinszky, Political Reporter at the Australian, has written a very even handed article concerning a move by Green’s Upper House MP David Shoebridge to make the Catholic Church more financially liable in Priest Paedophelia cases. However Salusinszky’s good work was tarnished by a headline obviously designed to attack the Greens party.

At first glance the title “Greens plan to target church properties” would hardly suggest the Green’s were attempting to address the lack of compensation paid to victims of Catholic Paedophelia cases. In fact, when shown to my Mum (who is a very evangelical Christian) this morning her immediate reaction was of course outrage. And this is perfectly understandable considering the attempts by the Green’s political adversaries to paint their want of a secular government as somehow being anti religion or freedom of religion. This is obviously yet another attempt to tar the Green’s by claiming they are anti religion or anti freedom of religion. This is an obvious attempt to play on the emotions of a constituency which already feel victimised in pursuit of a political victory for the Australian’s ideological brethren. The least the Australian could have done would be to give the Green’s some credit for what is definitely a good proposal. Media review anyone?

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Greens plan to target church properties
The Australian
21 Sep 2011

VICTIMS of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy will be able to sue local parishes where the crimes occurred under changes proposed by the NSW Greens. NSW upper house MP David Shoebridge confirmed yesterday that he will move to amend the Roman Catholic…read more…

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