I have recently been in a prolonged Biblical debate with one of my friends, so I have spent quite a bit of time reading the bible, especially reading the New Testament and “teachings of Jesus”. But, something that I never noticed during my formative (religious) years has been bugging me: Jesus often speaks in agricultural and Bronze Age parables. Why? Surely Jesus knew that the Bible would be required as spiritual guide long after the Bronze Age, and by a very diverse group of people. Why speak in metaphors that are absolutely meaningless to so many people?

Personally, I am a 21st century city slicker. Before this year I had never planted a seed in my life, and had never even been to a farm. All this talk about weeds, “reaping what you sow”, “planting at night”, “salting the earth”, and “running out of oil” (etc.); really makes no bloody sense to me. I don’t garden and my lights run off the power grid. Even the Riddler makes more sense.