New South Wales have recently changed their road rules. There are now stark penalties for ‘touching’ a mobile phone unless your car is in park, and there are even new rules for using roundabouts. But shouldn’t these rules be national?

Here’s the rub; apart from Tasmania, the Australian states are all part of one landmass. It is more than possible to drive from one state to another (using ferries it is also possible to drive to and from Tasmania). That means when people migrate or even go on holiday interstate, they often drive their cars. Others hire cars when they get to their destination. What happens when someone from another state comes to New South Wales, and, not knowing the new roundabout rules, endangers somebody? What about the out of state businessperson who comes to Sydney and forgets the stringent mobile? Is it fair to take their money?

As a side note, if these rules are so good, aren’t they good enough to be national?