So, it’s Square Up time again ladies and gentlemen. Last week’s theme episode was so enjoyable that we have decided to keep the train rolling. This week’s theme is elections.

There are tons of wild elections happening all round the world, all the time, and if you are anything like me you are probably spewing at the lack of coverage. Barring the few elections that involve celebrities or scandal that is. So, for those election lovers out there we have your back with a podcast covering recent elections in North Korea, Algeria and South Africa. Enjoy:



This episode featured the following articles:

NK News – The Weird World of North Korean elections

The Economist – The Economist Explains the North Korean elections

Harvard Politics Review – Long walk to freedom

Daily Maverick – Sound and fury signalling nothing

News 24 – Algerian Election faces disaffected populace

Foreign Policy – Where in the world is Bouteflika? 


As before, I am unable to embed audio in the email blast. You can take a listen at Soundcloud.