It would be utterly presumptuous of me to compare myself to Christopher Hitchens when it comes to raw intellect, talent, knowledge or accomplishments (etc.). I am nowhere near Hitchens on a number of fronts, not least of which is career achievements. However, there is one major similarity that I will claim: interests. From reading Hitch’s writings, it is obvious that, like me, anything and everything interested him. However, it is also obvious that literature, history, politics and philosophy were especially dear to his heart. Again, like me. Hitchens is undoubtedly what I aspire to be, as hopefully is obvious by my writings here. But, there is one more similarity. Hitchens also suffered from a chronic illness before his unfortunate passing last year. This morning I watched an interview given by Hitch at the height of his illness, and his bravery truly spoke to me. I can truly relate to what he was going through. Hopefully it can inspire some others too: